Monday, July 9, 2012

My Private Jet

Hello everyone today I have for you O.P.I.'s My Private Jet..My sister gave me this one because she didn't like it on herself..^_^ YAY for me because I love it!..(there are so many different versions of MPJ) Mine happens to be Brown with a gold hint when you turn it a certain way (as you can see on the bottle) and Holographic glitter! Now I took the bottle poured a bit into an empty bottle and mixed in a bit of SpectraFlair and viola (Ring finger is SF MPJ....I really should add a bit more of both because it needs a bit more BANG to me) I really like this which surprises me since I'm not sold on brown polishes usually (I think I own 3 at the most out of all my polishes >.>). Anyway here are the pictures!

So that is My Private Jet...A brown that I'm actually in love with! I actually have worn this twice since I got it from Anne :D Such a pretty color!
Did you ever have a polish color surprise you when you put it on that you thought you might hate?

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