Saturday, August 6, 2011

Part 2 Zoya Smoke and Mirrors

Here we go everybody Mirrors the second part of the new Zoya fall collection.  I have to say from the bottom of my little heart that this collection is the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"!!!! This half of the collection is what I'm going to be wearing all season long:) I love all the colors (even the green one, lol). I think that Zoya has made Fall SEXY with these colors!!!
Okay so looking in the box at all six you have Nimue, Marina, Tao, Yara, Neeka, and Jem. They all have a shimmer to them Yara, Neeka and Jem have glitter also. These six remind me of driving in the mountains looking at all the fall colors on the trees... beautiful! Here is a picture of the entire collection.

Starting right off with Nimue. This is a dark lavender with a shimmer. Kinda reminds me of grapes right before they come off the vine.

Marina is a slate blue shimmer. This one is going to be used quite often with me I love, love , love it. Think rain cloud with a silver lining:)

Tao is a shimmery steal color, kinda tough but pretty. All I can think of is the sour patch candy commercial first they are bad then they are sweet:)

Alright now we have Yara, a green sparkly color. Many of you know I'm not a green person but will try anything, I have to say I kinda like this one. Reminds me of a tough chic with army fatigues and some 6" heels on ... don't mess with this bitch!!!

Neeka is a purple glitter polish. I was thinking grape soda with gold fizz:)

Last but not least we have Jem. This polish is burgundy with glitter, kinda looks like a dual chrome to me (sorry you can't see that in the picture). Jem reminds me of a very sexy lip stick that you can't wait to put on for your man!!! 

And there you have it everybody the Zoya Mirrors collection. Zoya has really struck gold with this fall collection! I'm going to be using all of these when it gets cold enough here (which might not be for a while) or maybe before. So everybody I hope you got your Zoya promotion ready cause if I was you I would be getting some of these polishes super fast!!
Let me know what you think of the new collection and which one is your favorite!!!

Happy polishing everyone!

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  1. They're all so pretty! I think my favorites are Marina and Yara. :)

  2. Thanks Olivia... I think my favorite is Jem ♥


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