Monday, August 15, 2011

Marble This!!!!!

Water Marble Away!!!!! This was one of those mani's I had to figure out how the hell it work for everybody else and not for me... but I got it, finally! I have looked in awe at other peoples water marbling skills for to long, it was time to take the bull by the horns!!! I did go online and did a little research before I started, watched a few you tube videos... guess what it helped:) 
I am in this fall mood, I think its cause all the clothes at work have changed from summer to fall colors, but anyway I used the Zoya smoke and mirrors collection for this water marbling. I started off with Jana as a base color and then picked out three others... Dree, Jem and Cynthia.
Here is a picture of all of them:)

Water Marbling colors:)

So like I said before I had to do some research and found out you need to use some tape ... I said to myself tape, really??? But trust me, yes you need tape.  You put the tape around your cuticles, to keep down on the mess. Here is a picture of my nail taped up (btw I have already done almost all my nails in this picture so there is a little mess). 

taped up

So I'm going to start off with showing you the candle votive I used ( instead of a cup) with the bulls eye of the polish.

this is one drop of each color in the center
like a bulls eye

And here is more color added.

this is color added three times each
As you can plainly see Bulls Eye!!! Now on a few of mine they were a little off, miss shaped but its still cool cause next you are going to stir the colors up. 

ready for dipping

I stirred up the colors with a tooth pick. I never went to far out and always  wiped off the tooth pick with a paper napkin after each run through. Okay so you have your nail taped and the colors the way you want its time to put your nail right where you want it, turn the cup if need be. Nail facing to cup go right on top of the color and press down, have a extra stick to round up the extra polish before you remove your nail, so the polish doesn't mess up you design. And here are a few pictures of the finished water marbling look:)

I always like a little sparkle on top of just about all my polish, so I also added Fairy Dust by China Glaze. Here is a picture of the *sparkle*

I hope you polish friends love this as much as I do ♥ I know I'm going to have to do this about a million times more with all kinds of colors and maybe challenge myself with doing designs in the water... or maybe I'll just stick to this for a while:) If you have tried water marbling how did it work for you? If you haven't are you maybe thinking about it now???

Until next time, Happy Polishing everybody!


  1. LOVE IT!!! I need to try it again. I failed twice.

  2. I'm too scared to try a watermarble but it looks gorgeous!

  3. i love love LOVE how water marbling looks, i'm just not sure i have the patience to really succeed at it. I love Collette at My Simple Little Pleasures - it must take her HOURS to be that good lol. But simple's good. Maybe if you start simple, we'll be motivated to try and keep up and give it another go :) xxx

  4. Thanks Ladies...this was super fun and Pat has already asked me to do her nails when she gets home. I can't wait to try another set of colors. Was thinking about designs but I think I need to master easy swirl first, baby steps:)
    Maybe some of ya'll can think of colors you want me to try???
    Happy Polishing,

  5. I really love the shape of your nails and love this color swirl on them, gorgeous you must have gotten loads of compliments with this marbling mani...I think it's so beautifully amazing. Love this on you.


    George :)

  6. Lindsaybm, this took a couple of really good tries but worth the effort:)
    George you are super sweet, thanks:)

  7. This is one of the best water marbles I've seen! I love the glitter you put on top! :)

  8. Thanks Olivia ♥
    I think I have found three new colors I want to try:)


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