Saturday, June 11, 2011

My turn with Zoya Touch Collection:)

So Pat finally gave me my chance with the Zoya Touch Collection ♥, and I was so excited to try these out for Zoya. As Pat has already said there are three colors Pandora, Shay and Minka. When I got them home I looked at them for a little while in the box, I noticed that Pandora, Shay and Minka are all warm colors from different places on the color wheel. They all have a shimmer to them which gives a neutral color a little bonus. I am a in between person so I gravitated toured Shay, I think that on the right skin tone Minka and Pandora would be very pretty. I really liked that all three colors went on smooth and with a normal dry time. So here are all three colors on me.   

My favorite one is Shay, just had to say that again. After I did this swatch I left the polish on like this ( just the three fingers for about three hours) to see which one I liked best for me. Shay was the winner (there it is again) with Pandora coming in a close 2nd. My skin tone varies through out the year so I believe that I could probably, let me say that again probably be able to use all three, Minka in the winter, Shay in spring, and Pandora in the summer and early fall. Here is a picture of Shay the winner for me (just one more time), I wore it all week:)... thats a long time for a polish-aholic:) So over all I liked the Touch Collection by Zoya and feel that everybody should have at least one neutral in there collection, you can never go wrong with a neutral!!!! The polish lasts a week with no chips and went with everything! Now go over to Zoya and check out their video on the collection and find which color is right for you!!! Happy polishing♥


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  1. That is really nice, I haven't bought them yet. I was worried about them with my skin tone. I think Shay and Pandora will look the best on me too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You do make Shay look good. She was my favorite when the Touch collection media first aired, but with the swatches I'm thinking Pandora. It really is hard to tell what would actually look good with my skin tone though, even though I so never pay attention to that. Like that Zoya video on warm and cool colors - I never hold anything up and say ick. I feel like the Touch collection I'll have to get spoons of. Maybe they'll send plates with the new promo brewing?

  3. I love nude polishes! I already have Zoya Buffy and Uma, so I didn't really feel the need to get these,although I am thinking if I do get them, I would get Pandora,and Shay. New follower, I am "southern sister" blogging from Texas.

  4. Thanks ladies for sharing with us:) I had a funeral to go to that week and Shay was a perfect color to go with a black dress (now I know that sounds like I'm superficial but I always make sure I have nail polish on when I have somewhere important to go).
    I have to say I really might put Shay back on soon, not that I have some place to go but I enjoy the color and I'm getting a little sun so maybe I'll try out Pandora instead:)
    Happy polishing♥


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