Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello Lovely Ladies today's manicure is something a group of ladies came up with for the month of June. June is LGBT History Month I'm a very firm believer of equal Rights to all! So to start my manicure I used o.p.i. base coat for natural I knew I wanted something bright so I went for my color club Wicked Sweet collection. This is the collection with the base and top coat I used I used ever color in the picture except Yum Gum.
Left to right: Color Club Vivid Top Coat, Gimmie a Grape Big Kiss, Raspberry Rush, I Always Get My Man-Darin, Get Your Lem-On, The Lime Starts Here, Wicked Sweet, Yum Gum, O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat (also used but not pictured is INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat "Silver" (OutTheDoor). *I also used a base color of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud so that the neon's would pop and not show my nail line.*

Starting with an ohhh not that good of a picture *thumb is grape, index is raspberry, middle is mandarin, ring is lemon, and pinkie is lime ^_^ now as you may notice I have BUBBLES -_- on my middle and ring finger now I'm showing you this because after I'm done sponging you will not be able to see them ^_^

Now I started with my pinkie and mixed the blue *one drop* and green *one drop* and put that on the left of the pinkie by sponging (right side of the picture!) left the middle alone. Mixed Yellow *one drop* and green * two drops* and that was my pinkie...I followed that through out the manicure using one drop to two on the right side of the nail (left side of picture) and one drop to one drop on the left side (right side of picture). After I let that dry I noticed I needed more color (yes this is a lot of steps and I could have done without the last bit but I need it to blend more for my preference) so I dabbed with the brush on each color and wiped at it *left to right* with the main color *example: Pinkie I took the blue dabbed it on the left side took my green brush and swooshed the blue color over to the middle and stopped! then I sipped the green down the middle...then dabbed the right side with yellow and swooshed over with the green* It blended it so nicely that I continued on...this could have messed up a good sponging job on my nails but it was a success! ^_^ *HAPPY ME*

Added some Sparkles and this manicure is ROCKING it in my book!
Blurred so you can see the blended colors and the northern lights top coat sparkles better!

I love the way this turned out and might just be rocking it again soon! Don't let the steps in this manicure scare you away it is really easy to do! Well Ladies until next time I hope everyone is having a wonderful month of June...What Cause or Holiday would you like to see represented in a manicure?


  1. Omg thats sooo pretty!!!!! I love it!

  2. I love it! Last time I did a mani like this I did a rainbow for gay pride with holographic sparkles over it!

  3. So pretty! Love it! I haven't had a chance to do a mani like this yet, but will soon!

  4. Love the bright colors!!! I just gave you the Top 10 award on my blog. See it here:


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