Thursday, June 30, 2011

My first Tutorial (picture heavy!)

Good Morning Everyone today I have for you my very first tutorial. I was asked a few times how to do the Fade look. So I wanted to let y'all know how I do it! So this is the stuff I use when doing a fade manicure...I pick out the color I want-- I wanted a blue...So I got my lightest blue out to start for my base *KleanColor Pastel Blue, then an in between blue I choose *Color Club Pure Energy, my Darkest color is *Color Club Trippie Hippie and to make the colors blend a bit more I used KleanColor Holo Blue on top of everything. Here is my set up...

My base coat is O.P.I. Natural Base Coat...I have an old plastic container top that I use to put polish on, an old pair of Tweezers, a toothpick to mix the colors together with, my cut up sponges, and my top coat.
Now I know this is a pretty horrible picture of the base color (best I have...I'm sorry I did redo parts of it after and forgot to take new pictures) but this shows you the steps I take when I'm Sponging...
I start with my base color *above #1* (**all over the nail or sometimes just half way) (Pastel Blue)
Between #1 and 2 would be the mixture of my first color and my middle color (pastel blue and pure energy).
Between #2 and 3 would be my in between color (pure energy).
Between #3 and 4 would be a mixture of middle color and darkest color (pure energy and trippie hippie.
At #5 I would finish with my Darkest Color ( Trippie Hippie)

**Do you see my boo-boo?! It will be covered up/ blended down so you can't notice it so if you happen to make a mistake with your polish like this remember with the patting you are going to be doing with the sponge it will blend the polish back together. ** So you see here I mixed my middle color and my base color and made this then I took my sponge with my tweezers dabbed it into the color then started sponging now don't try for a straight line trust me it will look better as a wonky line ~ I promise!
In this picture I know you can barely the second step but everything blended nicely by the end and I could see the difference of the fade when I looked down at my nails.

After finishing with all my steps I added the KleanColor Holo Blue to blend the colors..I found no matter what sparkle I use (China Glaze fairy dust or kleancolor holo's) they blend the colors really well if I put it on about a minute or less after I'm done with the color nearest the tip of my nails. * If you want to skip this you can and just add your top coat it will do the same blending that the holo does*

*SNAP* Here it is after I have cleaned it up! Now the colors REALLY pop in person and I think you can really see the fade in these pictures.

So what do you think? Have you tried the fade look?

Until next time I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. This turned out pretty, great tutorial! I love gradient manicure~

  2. Pretty! Thanks for the tutorial! You make it look easy enough! I think I need to invest in some sponges.

  3. Thanks donnamccrudden it is pretty easy I hope you try it I'd love to see it when you do..
    I have found some sponges at my beauty supply store that work great!

  4. This came out really well! I love the blues you used :)

    By the by, I just tagged you for a couple blog awards <3


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