Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection Swatch and Review Part 2

Hey everybody:) Today I have the other 5 polishes (that I have) from Salon Perfect's Neon Collection, they sent me these for review. Again I want to say that I didn't use a white base coat with any of these polishes, they just didn't need it!

Haute Pink is a neon melon polish. I LOVE this color! I think it is a blend of pink and orange that comes out just amazing!

Not sure why my nails look like a different color from the bottle,
but in this picture the bottle is the right color.

Yowza Yellow is a highlighter yellow. This polish is something else, not only does it go on with no white base coat but shines like a new highlighter!

Flamingo Flair is a neon peach polish. This polish is so peachy it hurts, in just the right way! Looks awesome with a summer tan, and gives you that pop of color everybody is looking for in the summer time!

Bermuda Baby is a light neon blue. This blue is like looking at the sky in June, perfect! This blue will get you through the last days of summer like a star!

Fired Up Fuchsia (I've shown you this before) is a neon magenta. This polish is so pretty, it looks like a lighter version of Plum Sorbet. Perfect for those girls that don't want a dark neon!

These polish are a hit overall and I hope you all go out and get a few of them to get you through the last days of summer! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of these neon polishes!

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

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