Saturday, July 26, 2014

Colors by Llarowe- Holo swatch and Review

Hey everybody:) Today I have 4 of the holo polishes from Colors by Llarowe to share with y'all, she sent me these for review. Are y'all ready for some HOLO goodness??!!! I love holo polishes and these polishes deliver in a big way! Lets get started.

Surf my Wave is a blue holo polish that goes on in two coats. This polish is as perfect as the name it was given, it looks like the bluest water and shines like the sun at the beach!

Young Turks is a aqua holo polish that goes on in two coats. This polish I liked so much for my vacation last week I put this on my toes and got tons of compliments on how pretty it was and the great holo effect.

House of Blues is a purple holo that goes on in two coats. This polish is one of the prettiest purple holos out there, great color and the holo is so super awesome.

I added this one cause you can see the great holo, even though I caught a shadow!

Gemini Rising is a green holo polish that goes on in two coats. This polish has to be one of the prettiest green holos I've ever seen (and for ones that know me, know I don't care for green polish). This looks like the greenest grass you have ever seen and with the holo it is prefect for summer!

OMG! These holo hit the nail on the head! Perfect for summer and are so super pretty! Just a quick note- use a base coat with these, I had a little staining from the polishes. If you want to see more from Llarowe click the LINK HERE! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of these polishes:)

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

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