Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Swatch and Review

Hey everybody:) Today I have the new Zoya collection Bubbly which they sent me for review. When I first saw these polishes I wasn't overly excited about them cause I'm not into glitter polishes. But after swatching and getting to wear and admire these babies I think they are growing on me(maybe). Lets get this started!

Alma is described as a warm golden peach metallic featuring the exclusive liquid-metal holographic jelly formula. I found it to be more yellow/gold on my skin tone, had to use three coats just not my cup of tea.

Binx is described as a spicy orchid purple dappled with gold metallic and holo sparkles. This polish reminds me of grape soda with all the fizzes that come along with it. Very pretty color and I think I might try it on my toes next!

Staasi is best described as a brilliant citron green with a gold metallic glaze and holographic finish. Now I looked at the picture on Zoya and what I have and they look totally different! On the site the polish looks light green and the bottle I have is a medium to dark green with tons of gold glitter. Not a green fan and this polish is one of the reasons why! I did manage to catch a pretty shot of the balance of green and gold.

Harper is a cotton candy pink with a spun gold shimmer. I think this is a Barbie pink and great if you want the look, but the grown up in me is like sorry I'm not 8 and is just too pink!

Jesy is a firey coral orange metallic holo. This is one of my favorites out of the bunch! And I think it has to do with complementing my skin tone so well. Jesy reminds me of Rica just with more glitter.

Muse is a blue raspberry holographic fizz with a subtle vein of gold. On Zoya's site the polish looks lighter than what the true color. I think this is another favorite from the bunch and the blue and gold combo is a great duo for summer.

So overall I think you can chose which ones you really like and skip the set unless you are a "glitter makes everything better girl". Leave me a comment and tell me if you are a glitter girl or if this set was a miss.

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

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