Friday, September 27, 2013

Zoya Satin's Collection

 Hi everyone today I have for you Zoya's Satin Collection that was sent to me for review. These are perfect for fall all of them except for Maria Luisa are 2 coats. Lets get started shall we!

Channing is a rusty or coppery red metallic. This definitely reminds me of fall leaves.  I can see pulling on a snuggly sweater and wearing Channing this fall.

Claudine is a dark meteorite gray metallic. Claudine is a pretty color but I feel it looks a tad boring on me. I just do think maybe it needs a stamp or something for me to wear.

Giovanna is an emerald green metallic that just wowed me from the bottle and didn't disappoint once it was on my nails. In the second picture of Giovanna it looks like I have visible nail line but I couldn't see it at all in real life. Look at that Giovanna it's perfect for maybe a mermaid's nails for Halloween. ^_^

 Mason is a red violet metallic. I like this and can see it worn in the summer time also. Bright but not to bright to say you can't wear it in fall.

Neve is a sapphire blue metallic. Neve is very pretty and has this purple and blue shimmer in it that looks amazing! When I first looked at Neve in the bottle I thought it was more indigo (between purple and blue) then straight blue...and you can't really tell from pictures because my camera can't 100% capture blues and purple perfectly but it's a bit more purple in real life but definitely a blue. 

Maria Luisa is a gold "cellophane" topper. Maria Luisa is great and I wanted to show you it to you all alone and on different colors. Maria Luisa is very pretty and when you are in the mood to make a mani have a little bling it's prefect. 

Maria Luisa over white

Channing with Maria Luisa

 Claudine with Maria Luisa


 Mason with Maria Luisa

 Neve with Maria Luisa

I like the Satin collection it's very versatile the colors can be worn Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in my opinion. I really love the shimmer that is in all of these it makes the color shine and shimmer in the sun. I can't wait to wear these for fall. 
What is your favorite color to wear for fall?

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