Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ruby Wing Sweet Cream and Chocolate Mousse Review

Hey everybody:) Today I have two polishes from the Ruby Wing Collection Cupcakes and Champagne, they sent me these for review. As you know all of Ruby Wing nail polishes change color in the sun so you have two looks in one bottle, pretty cool!

Sweet Cream is a scented color changing polish that goes from a cream iridescent to a dark purple/mauve iridescent. My first thought of this polish was it looks kind of plain and not something that has a wow factor, boy was I wrong! This polish goes on opaque so you have a cream iridescent polish look inside (really pretty). As soon as you go outside the polish gets to work changing colors into a really dark purple/mauve, best part you still have the iridescent shimmer! I think this would be great for that person that works in a office and can't wear dark (or crazy) colors to work, you could have your cupcake and eat it too!

inside light

outside sunshine

Chocolate Mousse is a scented color changing polish with iridescent shards that goes from a light tan to a DARK brown. Okay I'm not a fan of this polish, actually I love this polish inside but as soon as I stepped out into the sun it was YUCK!!! Inside Chocolate Mousse is a great polish, it looks like you have tiny mirrors on your nails... I love that!! The first time I went out with this polish on my nails all I could think was I stuck my nails in chocolate, it looks lumpy and nasty...get this off! This polish missed the mark for me:(

inside light, pretty mirrors!

outside sunshine, yuck!

You can find more Ruby Wing polishes HERE. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of these polishes.

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Happy Polishing Everybody!


  1. So in love with the first one, but, wow, the outside photo of the second one just does not even look like the same polish. What a disappointment :(

    1. I totally agree with you. I love the first one but the second one needed some work before they released it. Thanks for leaving a comment ♥


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