Thursday, May 21, 2015

Island Fun with Zoya

Hi all today I have for you Zoya's Island Fun Collection (that I was sent for review). There is two parts of Zoya's 2015 summer collection 6 creams that are Island Fun and 6 Shimmers that are Paradise Sun (that I will show you tomorrow).  I liked all the colors from Island Fun but I found them a bit dark for summer then what I'm used to.  All of these pictures are showing two coats of polish with no top coat. A few of these stained my nails so much so I had to do a whitening bubble dip on my nails (twice!). Other than staining I found these colors nice and they had a great formula. Let's get started!

Cecilia is a teal cream. I had a staining problem with Cecilia so next time I use it I probably will double base it before it goes on. Cecilia is warm tone polish.

 Demetria is a nice poppy red cream. Demetria is a warm tone polish. I like reds I do but for me they seem so flashy! I've said before it's almost distracting to me to have red on my nails. Demetria might make me get over this as she is so pretty!

 Jace is a modern tropical green. When I saw Jace I thought oh it's almost a granny smith apple color. Nope dried darker than I thought. So a dark granny smith apple color. Jace is a warm tone polish.

 Nana is a deep fuchsia. Nana would make it on my wear it for summer list! I think she is a bright and fun color. Nana is a warm tone polish.

 Serenity is a great purple. I can't believe my camera loved me enough to let me show you this polish!  Serenity is a cool tone polish.

 Talia is a turquoise cream. Here is my other staining problem polish. I will probably throw on two coats of base coat and call it a day when I wear this again. Talia is a cool tone polish.
If you are looking to find the perfect color for your skin tone Zoya has a video on their youtube channel you might want to check out!
I like these just maybe for a late summer (my opinion) for my nails...I just need BRIGHTS right now. I love the formula and finish on these as always! Watch for tomorrow for the second part of the summer collection Paradise Sun.
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