Monday, March 23, 2015

Zoya Satin

Hi all today I have for you to check out is the Zoya Satin Collection (that was sent to me for review). Satin is a new finish for Zoya and they describe it as a hybrid between matte and glossy. None of these are shown with top coat because they aren't supposed to be worn with one so you have that satin finish! Let's get started.

Ana is a almond cream that went on in two coats. Ana on/to me is a everything color. You can wear her for any event or with any outfit.
Brittany is a rose cream that went on in two coats.  Brittany honestly isn't a color that I would pick out for myself. I'm not exactly feeling her vibe.

Leah is a lavender taupe that went on in two coats. I love Leah! Such a great purple for spring.
Rowan is a suede taupe that went on in two coats. Rowan is a nice neutral color that you can take to the next level maybe with stamping or making it a negative space mani.

Sage is a sage green that went on in two coats.  Sage is a nice not over the top neutral green. 
Tove is a slate grey that went on in two coats.  I really like my grey's almost as much as I like my purples so Tove is a winner for me!

Overall I liked these colors for a neutral look, for a palate cleanser if you will.  They went on fine but I think some of the polishes didn't like my nails or more to the fact the ridges in my nails.

Thanks for checking out the blog today! Like always you can find Zoya to purchase here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.

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