Wednesday, December 10, 2014

China Glaze Twinkles part 2!

 Hi all I'm back with the second part of China Glaze's Twinkle's collection (that I was sent for review). A few of these I had trouble with so I took a different approach then just a full nail swatch when I wore them. Let's get started...

This is Chillin' With My Snow-Mies I did this a little different as I had previously tried to paint it over red and over another color and it would bleed the base color through Chillin' With My Snow-Mies. So I had streaks of red or the other base color in clear it just didn't look nice. So I started over with (as you can see from the second picture) with a base of Re-Fresh Mint (two coats) then I stamped with Konad Green using plate BM205. Using a striping brush and white I made snow on the trees and the ground. I then placed a couple of blobs of Chillin' With My Snow-Mies on my nail art plate and began to dot the glitter on my nails. Now I found Chillin' With My Snow-Mies a little tough to work with when I was trying it out and it was bleeding the base color that I also wasn't getting much of the glitter out of the bottle. So I opted to try it this was as the base was thick. This was the best option for me wearing it. As I get frustrated easily with brushing glitter on and it all ending up on the tip of my nail. I'll also be storing this upside down so next time I'll have better access to the larger glitter.
This is Dancing & Prancing with 3 blotted on coats. Dancing & Prancing is a pretty multicolored multi-sized glitter that really screams party for me.  I tend to blot on thicker glitter because it can be placed on my nail easier that way and doesn't drag the good stuff to the tip of my nail. I like it this way...I do let it dry in between and with that method I'm able to move glitter around and make it work the way I want it to.
This is three coats of De-Light over a white polish. De-Light is a gold glitter in different sizes even bar glitter is in there (you can see the flash of it in the second picture).  I wore this over white and was surprised that the base turned. Not in a bad way surprised but I liked the finished product!
Feeling Twinkly is a micro blue glitter and this is 4 thin coats. When I was finished with the four coats I couldn't see the patches that the pictures show. I had a nice coverage that I was happy with. It really twinkled nicely and as I said before I couldn't see any patches or I might have tried for a fifth coat. It didn't bulge out like some polishes tend to do when you add a few more coats so I think you are safe if you want to wear this one on it's own.  
Meet Me Under the Stars is a black with silver polish that went on in two coats. My niece was drawn to this one as soon as she saw it on my nails.  It's really a nice sparkly polish that has just the right touch of sparkles! 
Pine-ing for Glitter is a lovely multi size green glitter that I wore in a gradient.  When I went to wear this I chose to wear it in a gradient and it turned out beautifully!

 All in all I liked this collection. Very spread out when it comes to colors and glitters. What's your favorite polish of part 2? Favorite polish out of all the colors from the Twinkle Collection? Have a great day everyone. And as always you can find China Glaze here, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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