Thursday, January 31, 2013

Holographic Water Marble

Hey everybody :) Today I have a water marble that I've wanted to try for a while but just didn't have the right polishes to use, until Halo Hues 2013. This water marble isn't for the faint of heart.... meaning "do not try this unless you can water marble quickly". I used Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon from the 2013 Halo Hues, also I used Harp on It from 2012. Here are the pictures :)

Well what do y'all think??? Pat told me she really won't want to waste her holos on water marbling, but I think this it totally worth it! Pat did tell me after she saw my pictures that she might give it a try :) Need help water marbling? Check out my 12 step or my video...

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holographic Quick Shot....... Treasure

Hey everybody:) For your holo quick shot today I have Nubar Treasure ♥ Here are the pictures:)

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 vs 2013 Halo Hues

Hey everybody:) I've had a few of you ask for a comparison of the Halo Hues Collection, so guess what you asked for it and you get it! 

First up is 2012 Cherubic vs 2013 Cosmic Fate. Cherubic is a almost nude polish while Cosmic Fate is a copper colored polish.

Next couple is 2012 Halo-Graphic vs 2013 Miss Bliss. Halo- Graphic is a light pink polish and Miss Bliss is the darker version (a darker pink).

Next we have 2012 Blue Heaven vs 2013 Over the Moon. Blue Heaven is a light (very light) blue polish and again Over the Moon is a darker version (a darker blue).

Moving along to 2012 Cloud Nine vs 2013 Eternal Beauty. Cloud Nine is a light lavender polish almost pink to me and Eternal Beauty is a deep purple.

Next we have 2012 Angle Kiss vs 2013 Kismet. First I want to say I debated putting these two together but went this way because they are in the same color family. Angle Kiss is a sea foam green polish while Kismet is a light green.

Last but not least we have 2012 Harp on It vs 2013 Beyond. I think these are just total opposites. Harp on It is a silver polish while Beyond is a black.

So I hope this helps y'all make a decision on which set you want more, or if you are like me you can never have enough holo and got them both :)
Leave me a comment and tell me which set you are planning on purchasing.

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Collection

Hey everybody:) I was able to get my little hands on the new 2013 Color Club Halo Hues Collection, and thats what I have for y'all today:) These holos are AMAZBALLS!!!! All 6 polishes are liner holos, go on with no streaking and could almost be a one coat polish. First I want to start off by saying that Color Club has not released these polishes. This is what they said on thier FB page about these polishes.... "

Color Club Nail Lacquer Hi *****, it's very possible that retailers had their order filled in preparation for the Western Buying Conference but it's been hard to get an answer with no one in the office. We just didn't want to see anyone scammed out of their money, but it looks like all purchases have been happy ones and that the colors are up to CC standards, which is fantastic! Thanks for checking in!

On with the Holo Show!!!
Kismet is the first up, this polish is light green with a beautiful holo.

Cosmic Fate is up next . This polish is a copper color. I thought I wasn't going to like this one but it turned out to be a very pretty color on.

Miss Bliss is a pink polish that really shines. I'm in love with pink polish at the moment and this really has to be one of my new favorite pinks :)

Over the Moon is a medium blue that reminds me of a blue moon (well what my minds eye sees as a blue moon).

Eternal Beauty is a brilliant purple. This is one of my favorites out of this collection, the holo that comes off this polish is AMAZING!!!

Last put not least is Beyond. Beyond is a black holo..... that's right everybody a black holo. This is my favorite out of the bunch. I've always wanted a black holo and this polish hits right on the mark!

WOW! Have you picked your jaw off the ground yet??? These are amazing holo polishes that go on great and shine like the sun! I picked these pretties up from enospring,  the price is perfect.....if I was you I would rush on over and snag these babies! Okay one last group picture for y'all :)

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of these beauties!

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zebra Print Double Take

Hey everybody:) Today I have 2 mani's with Zebra print. I've wanted to do this for a while but never had the right combo jump out at me, well not only did 1 jump but 2 did for me today!

The first one is purple and silver. I started of with 3 coats of Material Girl's Phychedelic. Then I free handed Zoya Trixie on for the stripes. Here are the pictures :)

The next combo and my favorite a neon pink and blue. For my base color I used Orly's Beach Cruiser. For the stripes I used Material Girl's Harlequin ♥ Here are the pictures ♥

Hope you love these combos as much as I do ♥  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think:)

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holographic Quick Shot.... Mermaid Spell

Hey everybody! Today is the start of something new for Pat and me, we are going to start a once a week holographic quick shot day. On Tuesday's we are going to bring you a short post of one of our holo polishes. With all the new holo polishes out right now (and more to come) we thought you might like something pretty to look at :) So here is today's post....

Today I have for your holo quick shot #6 Mermaid Spell from Layla. I used a base coat of Barefoot in Blue from Essie and this is the final look:)

Happy Polishing Everybody:)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Water Spotted Nails

Hey everybody:) Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I have been working on some great nail art ideas for y'all:) Today I have a water spotted look that is super easy. My friend Nailderella shared this look with me and I loved it ♥
I first want to share a new polish (for me) with y'all. I found this at my local Marshall's, Material Girl Polish in Harlequin. This polish was beautiful and the price was right at 2.99 a bottle :)

After my base polish was dry I broke out my water marble stuff and went to work. First I need a small bottle for spraying (some people are using a hand sanitizer sprayer) and filled it with nail polish remover. Next I took my glass like I was going to water marble and did my bulls eye (3 drops of polish) with Zoya'a Raven and then sprayed my remover on top of the bulls eye. When you spray you get this really cool spotted look now all you have to do is dip you finger and then clean up. I love this look :) Here are the pictures with Harlequin and Raven.

So what do y'all think of this look??? I really like it and I'm going to try it with brighter colors for the base color.

Happy Polishing Everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zoya Lovely Collection

Hi everyone! Today I have for you Zoya's Spring 2013 collection Lovely. The Lovely collection is 3 shimmers and 3 creams. Let's get started.

Blu is a pale baby blue. This is two coats of Blu.

Gei Gei is cherry blossom pink metallic. Gei Gei seemed a little thin so I used 3 coats for full coverage.

Jacqueline is a nude cream. This is two coats of Jacqueline.

Julie is a light purple metallic. This is 3 thin coats of Julie.

Neely is a spring green.  This is 2 coats of Neely.

Piaf is a soft gold metallic. This is three thin coats of Piaf.

These colors scream spring to me...picture this if you will... Yellow (Piaf),pink (Gei Gei) and purple (Julie) flowers blooming from nice spring green (Neely) grass as the birds chirp from a bright spring sky (Blu). Zoya has put Spring at your finger tips for your finger tips!
Ladies I have to tell you all of the colors from the Lovely Collection with the exception of Jacqueline are Cool tones...Jacqueline is warm, is a video Zoya put up a bit ago about skin tones and how to pick colors...

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