Thursday, November 29, 2012

Angel Kiss

Good morning everyone!!! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things after being sick migraines I have been suffering have been bogging me down. ^_^ This weekend I wore this beauty from Color Club Angel Kiss which I won as a prize from Katie over at The Nailaholic when she had a giveaway!! This is two coats which I can say I had no problem at all applying. There was no drag which I have had happen to me with other holographic's. First picture is out side with a bunch of cloud cover...but you can still see some holo. Second picture is taken with a flash because I couldn't catch the sun :( 

This lovely stayed on my nails with no chipping for 4 days! ugh and I didn't want to take it off either...but I said I needed to get back into the swing of things and I'm off to do that! I really love these "Halo's" from Color Club! They brought their A game!
Until next time I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
What is your favorite fall/winter polish?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2..... Pure Ice Review

Hey everybody! I know your just as excited about Breaking Dawn part 2 as I am, right?! Today I'm reviewing Pure Ice's polishes inspired by Breaking Dawn part 2. I really can't wait to go see this movie and get my "Twilight Fix"! The end of the story begins with the bright pale skin (Nude Beach) with blazing red eyes (Glass of Bordeaux). A love story that asks a young girl to risk it all. The diamond ring (Silver Lining) and the garden wedding that changed everything. You can't take your eyes off that unforgettable BLUE dress (Getting Gorgeous) and the warmth and complexity of the wolf's imprint (Alter Ego).

First I have for y'all is Nude Beach. A perfect nude with pearl shine and creme finish. This polishes was a 2 coat polish. Nude Beach reminded me of the perfect skin of the vampires from Twilight. 

And here is a shot with a accent nail!

Next I have Silver Lining. A clear polish with silver glitter and silver diamond large shard flakes. This polish is amazing I loved it alone and I loved using it on a accent nail. Silver Lining reminded me of how Edward's (and all the vampires) skin sparkled, just beautiful!  

Glass of Bordeaux is up next. A sheer black with blood red microglitter. This polish was the most "vampy" in the bunch. Really reminded me of the Bella waking up at the end of the last movie as a vampire. 

Alter Ego is up next. A rich coffee brown with copper microglitter and silver small shard flakes. This polish was easy to associate with Jacob in his wolf form, but it also reminded me of Renesmee and how her eyes are suppose to look like Bella's before she changed. This polish was the only one out of the bunch that needed 3 coats. 

Getting Gorgeous is the last but not least. A blue with purple and blue Iridescent microglitter. And if y'all are Twilight fans like I am then you already know what this color representing, Bella's dress when she wakes up as a new vampire. This is also Edwards favorite color so guess what I'll be wearing to go see the movie! 

And here is a shot with a accent nail in Silver Lining.

Overall thoughts these polishes are a great representation of Breaking Dawn part 2. The colors are spot on and go on great! Pure Ice is available at Walmart for $1.97 each and at that price you can't go wrong! I loved all the colors and the ease of application. I have to say I think this set is a winner in my book!
Let me know what you think of these polishes and if you are going to see the movie. If you saw the movie, what did you think?

Happy Polishing Everybody!


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diabetes Awareness!

Hello everyone Today in the Nail community we are supporting Diabetes awareness it is very near and dear to my heart since my Daddy was diagnosed. He was feeling very very sick and my Mom took him to the dr. well the dr.'s marveled at how he was getting around or even living because his blood sugar was so high..normal range for him is 180-190 and that day his count was well over 900!!! This wasn't a young person either he was well past 55. Well long story short he was admitted into the hospital and is still kicking it today! <3 
Well I have met a few wonderful people in the last year one's daughter is dealing with diabetes and also another wonderful lady who has been dealing with this for over 20 years. To these people in my life (I have other family members that also have diabetes) I love you and you have my support.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Sassy Lacquer Review.... Winter Polish

Hey everybody :) Today I have another review for y'all.... a Sassy Lacquer Review! I'm reviewing two polishes Boughs of Mint Holly and Shimmering Sugar Plums. These two polishes are apart of Carrie's new Winter line.....and you can check them out HERE. They are available for shipping now:)

So I'm starting off with Boughs of Mint Holly.  Boughs of Mint Holly is a mint green creme with fine white and silver glitter and red shredded glitter. I used two coats and liked the way it went on. Okay so I have to say I'm not a green person and when I first saw this I was like ummm.... I don't know about this polish. But my mom always told me you never know if you like something until you try it! And the more I took pictures and looked at Boughs of Mint Holly the more I loved it! The red came out a little more that what it looks like in the bottle and really gave the polish a bang factor! I love the holidays and this polish makes me want to get the tree out early! Here are the pictures.

Shimmering Sugarplums, when I opened the package that Carrie sent me I was like I love purple for a winter color. Shimmering Sugarplums is a pretty purple jelly, with fine purple metallic glitter, small green metallic glitter and small gunmetal glitter. So when I put this polish on I was expecting a light purple base color but it went on clear and wished it had a tad more color for the base. With all the glitter this polish has its a glitter bomb and can certainly put you in a festive mood. Here are the pictures.

Overall final thoughts on these two winter polishes are they are worth heading over to Carrie's page a getting a few different polishes that not everybody will be wearing this winter, defiantly worth a try!  They will be great gifts for that polish lover in your life too:)
And like always Sassy Lacquer is a 3 free polish, free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Each polish is made in its own bottle, by hand. Here is all of Carrie's info.....
Leave me a comment and let me know what y'all think of these polishes:)

Happy Polishing Everybody:)

The product(s) in this post were provided to me for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zoya Ornate

Hello all! Today I have for you Zoya's Ornate collection! All of the pictures are 2 coats and have the fabulous formula we have all come to love from Zoya! I have to say that I really love that Zoya has put out some Holographic polish for the season and the other colors (that aren't holographic) are winners also! Let's get started.

This is Aurora and besides being my favorite princess of all time she is also my favorite color! Aurora is a medium purple that has "micro fine diamond holographic glitter". 

Blaze is a medium red with "micro fine diamond holographic glitter". Oh Blaze is such a beautiful red!

Electra is a bar tinsel holographic glitter polish. I'm not much into bar glitter but I think with maybe one more coat (this was 2) that I could possibly over look it. I love the flashes of color all over as you can see in the first picture...I could see this being used with one coat to jazz up a manicure or 3 coats for a full on manicure!

Logan! ohhhh Logan is a beautiful forest green polish with yellow to gold and blue to green shimmer which is just gorgeous in any light!

Storm is a black polish with "micro fine diamond holographic glitter". Storm is like having the night sky on your nails! It's lovely in the sun or in the shade!

Ziv is a yellow gold with a silver shine and gold flakes. Ziv is perfect for the season! I wasn't sure about this when I saw it but I fell in LOVE when I put it on my nails. I kept turning them every which way to see the flakes and colors reflected.

This is a wonderful collection by Zoya...perfect for this winter! I really must say I was surprised that Aurora didn't turn out to be my favorite! I tend to lean towards the blues and purples but Blaze and Ziv had me! Aurora of course is way up there I don't think there was a dud in the bunch! 
You can find Zoya on  Twitter  and on Facebook

The product(s) in this post were provided to me for review. For more information please visit our Disclosure Policy Tab.