Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Aloha everybody! I hope you ladies have had a great weekend, all it did here was rain(yuck). But that does give me time to think of new ideas for ya'll ( in between running after kids and dogs, lol). I was going to try water paint, take that back I did try water paint but it went terribly wrong:( So I came up with this Aloha Idea:) This really reminds me of  being on a beach with a good drink in my hand and the sand in my toes. Really super easy to do, I did use the sticker dots to help make the tip, I started off with Zoya Ali for the tip, O.P.I. Pearl of Wisdom for the base, So Easy Stripe Silver, and Kiss Art Stickers to finish it off. 

Kiss Art Stickers, Zoya Ali, O.P.I. Pearl of Wisdom, So Easy
Stripe Silver

This is one of my favorite manicures to do during the summer. Love the way Zoya Ali is so bright and cheerful, the way O.P.I Pearl of Wisdom shines with an iridescent pink. The Kiss Stickers were really easy to use and just brought that extra something to the mani.

Aloha Mani

I hope you ladies try this one out, it will take you to that beach you've been dreaming of.
I can here the water now, its call my name... Anne come to the beach. LOL 

Well thats all for now ... ALOHA everybody!! What your  favorite summertime mani???

Southern Sister Polish

P.S. Stay tunned here for some awesome April news , Coming Soon!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for a hard lemon-limeade (Picture Heavy!)

Good Morning Ladies last week while I was having fun with the nice weather, grilling and drinking adult beverages of homemade hard lemon-limeade so when I went to paint my nails and grabbed Get Your Lem-on from Color Clubs Wicked Sweet Collection I knew what I was going to do! I wanted a gradient look which is one of the looks I love to do because it is quick simple and looks great. So I started with 3 coats of Get Your Lem-on which has a lovely green shimmer to it and smells like super sweet lemon candy!

See that shimmer oh my gosh I have so much love for neon yellow! I'll tell you when I use to get acrylics done about 10-11 years ago I use to get Neon Yellow once in the while in the summer...After that I decided to grab my The Lime Starts Here from the wicked collection (neon green doesn't smell like lime to me though!) if I could go back I would pick out my other neon from color club that has a shimmer to it so it would kinda blend more...oh well c'est la vie! Then I decided I needed something else and grabbed for my fimo Lemon and Lime of course and stuck them on with my bubbly top coat just to see if I could and while it took longer then my nail glue it worked great!

I still wasn't done I looked at it and thought (sometimes I go to far! lol) where is my HARD! so I grabbed my China Glaze Fairy Dust! This manicure would have stayed on longer if I didn't want to change my color for the weekend! Four Days!!!! I'd like to point out that the green did stand out more then the pictures show...

Oh how I love gradient looks one of my favorites right up there with french manicures. I can't wait for more Sunny weather (it's nasty thunderstorms here right now) and for more Summer time manicures. I hope you Ladies had a wonderful weekend. ^_^

So tell me what you do you think of the gradient look?

How long does your manicure usually last before you get bored or it chips?

Until next time enjoy polishing those nails! I'm off to see if I can get some shots of my nails before it starts to rain again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wicked Sweet!

Today I have for you wonderful ladies Color Club Wicked Sweet from the Wicked Sweet Collection that I won from the St. Patrick's Day Contest that I entered on Color Clubs facebook page! Wicked Sweet is a very nice blue with blue flash that to me smells like blue fruit roll-ups (it has a really SWEET smell that is almost to much)! My pictures are 3 coats of Wicked Sweet, top coat, then I tapped half the nail and put on my loved silver from Finger Paints "Easel Come, Easel Go!", and I couldn't stop there I popped some tape back on and decided to play with my M57 plate...Here are the pictures!

See here it is one of the thoughts running through my head for a few days now my index is how I pictured it nice and shiny. My middle finger I put China Glaze Matte Magic because I just wanted to see how it looked. Ring finger has my konad blue special polish stamped with because I wanted to see how close it was to Wicked Sweet and it's pretty darn close that I would so wear this again! My pinkie has my konad purple special polish which I just put on because I just wanted to play with it I guess.

I have a few more things I will be trying out with this collection probably spread out in the next week and a half since I'm in the mood for summer and the colors in this collection scream summer (and spring) to me!

Tell me what do you think I'd love to hear feed back and know your thoughts!
Until next time ladies enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Good afternoon Ladies today I have for you Zoya Ali which to me is a hot pink. 3 coats and I got a beautiful sunny Spring Manicure that I should have left alone but I so wanted to try out my new Konad plate M57 with a few dots from my Color Club Electro Candy Collection (blue, pink and purple)! Here are the pictures!

What do you think? I just wish I would have left it alone Zoya Ali is just beautiful by it self!
Speaking of Zoya just real quick go here and read up on the BIG promotion that will be happening soon! Then go to Zoya.com and sign up if you don't already an account!
Okay so Ladies I hope you are enjoying your weekend and until next time have fun polishing those nails!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My love for Zoya!!

My love for Zoya is growing bigger everyday! I just received the Intimate Collection from them. The one thing that I have to mention first is how fast I received the collection, ordered on 3/8 and it was at my door 3/12! SUPER FAST!!!!  Zoya was running  a woman day special and I got the collection for $25! Wow so if  you don't know go to their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ZoyaNailPolish and like them to get in on their great deals!!!!
Here is a picture of the entire Intimate Collection. In love with them all, can't wait to try Danni I've seen a lot of blogging about this color. Danni is the dark purple one at the bottom right.

Zoya's Intimate Collection
Marley,Dove,Caitlin, Danni,
Jules, & Gemma

This next picture is of Gemma. I LOVE this green, and as a girl who has two items of clothes in her closet that are green (not a green lover) that says a lot. The color itself is green with a pinkish, purplish  iridescent shine to it. 

Zoya's Gemma
This next picture is of  Gemma with Jules over it. Now I already said that I wasn't a green girl, so this is how it turned out.  I used two coats of Gemma and then one coat of Jules, perfect. It lasted about 3 days with no chipping and no top coat! So I think for St. Patrick's Day Gemma is my color.  

Zoya's Gemma and Jules

Okay this last picture is for fun ... I really had crazy compliments on this duo. I can't wait to try more of this collection. 


So tell me groupies do you own any Zoya polish, what colors do you have and how much do you love it?????
Until next time lovelies, Happy polishing!
Southern Sister Polish

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

haul it! and St. Patricks day mani Ideas!

Hello Ladies today I have for you haul pictures minus a few things..Last month and earlier this month I have had some great things come to my door! Starting with Crackle which I have already posted about so let us continue with what I recently got...China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy, Tronica collection (Hologram, Electra Magenta, Hyper Haute, Gamer Glam, Virtual Violet, High Def, Techno Teal, Laser Lime). Finger Paints- Carnation Creation, Chrysanthe-mum's the word. KleanColor- Holo Chrome, Ruby Kisses- French White, Pure Black, and a purple glitter that didn't have a name...I also got Color Club Electro Candy Collection, plus 7 other randomly packed Color Clubs I have to find the names for! I also got just yesterday Zoya's Intimate collection plus Indigo...Here are some pictures! Flip Flop Fantasy is super bright color I will take better pictures during the summer!

Love that teal color!

Now St. Patrick's day Manicures! Color Club on Facebook was having a contest and these are the ones I entered you could enter up to 3 but I had a few photo fails (not posting right now) and didn't have time to do them over...first is China Glaze Laser Lime with konad and a fimo flower, second picture is using Color Club What a Shock! (neon)...

Tell me what do you think would you wear these St. Patrick day Manicures?

I had a nail break so I cut my nails down and will have new post hopefully Thursday if the weather agrees with me! Don't forget to join us on Facebook .
Until next time Ladies I hope you are having a good week!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Color Club Alias!

So I have been hitting Ross this past couple of days, love that I can get Color Club there and its super cheap. The Alter Ego set is only $7.99! Awesome:) Okay So just to let you guys know my cuticles look like crap...I've been sick for a while and they were last on my mind. So here is a shot of my sets.

And here Alias, this one is from the Alter Ego collection, I really got tons on complements on this purple!

I just wish it would wear a little longer, but all in all I think that Color Club Polish has a lot of great colors, the wear is pretty good, and the best part I can get it super cheap!

Just a quick side note I follow Zoya polish on Facebook and they had a really great deal the other day with polish... the Intimate Collection for $25 and free shipping! Happy Dance! Thanks to Zoya for running such great deals:)

So groupies tell me what great deals are out there and what your nail color is right now???
P.S. We have something special planned for April so stay tuned :)

Until next time Happy Polishing !
Love, Anne
Southern Sister Polish

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I got my Blue Jeans on!

Today I have for you High Def from China Glaze Tronica collection. I put this on and as soon as I finished (it was dry) I looked down to see blue jeans! I mean really I don't know what was up with me that day (last week) but every time I look down I couldn't help myself from thinking that High Def looked like blue jeans. Anyway here are the pictures!
mmmm sun makes it SHINE!

Oh so pretty! I was a little sad after I put it on since I own OPI DS Sapphire and was hopping for I don't know more! It is a beautiful color and in 3 thin coats with it drying so fast it's a win! So I will be wearing it again maybe just have to wait for a little bit more sun!
Tell me what do you think?
Until next time Ladies enjoy your polish!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras!

OK I'm making this quick I feel a little blah right now but I wanted to show you my cute Mardi Gras manicure with a base of Cowardly Lyin' I stamped the ribbons on top with konad special polish in green and purple! I really liked this look more than I thought I would because I actually wasn't sure the purple would stand out as good as it does...here are the pictures enjoy!

So Ladies what do you think Mardi Gras worthy?
I promise I will put up my haul post and a few other things next I do have a few pictures High Def to put up if you don't mind me posting to much...^_^ Until next time ladies enjoy the rest of your day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kleancolor Halo

Anne here... long time no chat:( Sorry about that. So while I was away you have see the great blog post from my sister (love her!). I wanted to share some of my great new Halos!
This is Kleancolor in Halo Pink! LOVE this color and the comments I got from random people was awesome. I did do China Glaze Crackle in Cracked Concrete over this( sorry no picture) and it was just too cute!

This Kleancolor in Halo Purple! I have just recently got on this gray trip and this purple is a perfect color to go with it. Might try this one with China Glaze Crackle in Black Mesh... any thoughts on that?
And what color combos are you trying right now?

Happy Polishing,
Southern Sister Polish